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art of goatbunny

Mira Fox

goatbunny is a POC non-binary artist who mainly focuses on painting and drawing in traditional and digital media. These pieces are often turned into fun stickers and stationery paper goods like letter sets, notepads, postcards, calendars, notebooks, etc. They occasionally make handmade pins, earrings and magnets as well as , zines and books. They have also successfully created a tarot deck which was a passion project that took 4 years. I make the majority of my products in-house when I can (aside from postcards).

Their art has been described as "cute, with an edge", "like Sanrio, but angrier". They have training in fine arts and the medical field, but felt pulled towards illustrative art and creating things that people can relate to, use and enjoy! They started primarily focusing on art full time after leaving their hospital lab job back in 2015. They have always loved drawing and always loved the DIY (do it yourself) mentality so they've spent the last several years figuring out how to create their own products and merch.

Their main focus at the moment is working on fun artwork on a monthly basis to turn into stationery and stickers and other goodies, while taking on commission work when they can.



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