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Dragon's Keep Plushies

Run by partners in business and in life Caroline Hillyard and Praxedis Levya, you've probably seen them at one of the many local events around they table at. They also run Ye Olde Phat Dragon, selling delicious homemade baked goods, both sweet and savory!

Caroline started out like many of our artisans have, as a hobbyist nearly 15 years ago. First learning how to make plushies in home ec, she branched out into tabling at markets as a hobby, and has since gone on to making it her small business. It's a whole family affair now, named by her daughter, and helped out by Prax! Every bit of Dragon's Keep Plushies are unique and custom made to the plushie, no two are the same! Whether they have different patterns, or different colored eyes (some of which also come from another NY based artist), each has their own personality.

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Art At Old Soul.

Want to sell your work at Old Soul's Artisan Market? Simply click the link below to fill out the application to sell with us. 

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns. 

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