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Ausable Brewing Company

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

*Some, but not all beers are currently available.


BROWN SESSION ALE: A crisp brown ale brewed with chocolate malt.

ABV 5.1%

BLACK CURRANT BRETT: A Belgian-style Lambic fermented with a wild

culture of 100% brettanomyses yeasts and aged on fresh black currants.

ABV 7.9% / IBU 15


WENDIGO: A Double IPA brewed with Azacca and Zythos hops for a

crispy beer with plenty of bite. Inspired by Native Algonquin folklore

creature of insatiable hunger and greed, associated with the harshness and

decay of our long, cold winters. ABV 8%

SNAKE HUNT: A classic Irish Red, light in body but bold in flavor. This

celebratory ale is brewed with pale and caramel malts, lightly hopped, and

designed to be drank in plenty. We brew it every year to welcome Saint

Patrick’s Day and the coming of longer days. But in these more modern

times, please crush beers. Not snakes. Slainte ABV 5.3%

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